PATH2LC, Public Authorities together with a holistic network approach on the way to low-carbon municipalities


European Commission

Duration September 2020 – August 2023


The achievement of Energy Union targets requires sound policy instruments and an ambitious implementation of climate protection and energy saving measures. stakeholders in public authorities on local level are the crucial change agents for the implementation of energy transition. Against this background, the overarching objective of the PATH2LC project is to support policy makers and public authorities at local level in the transition process towards a low carbon society. The PATH2LC project will foster exchange of existing knowledge and experiences among municipalities, enhance coordination among different administrative bodies within the municipalities, improve cooperation with local stakeholders and civil society and will equip stakeholders in public authorities with required planning and monitoring tools to implement transition roadmaps. The core of the project is a holistic network approach to link stakeholders in public authorities among municipalities enabling peer-to-peer learning and increase engagement in energy and climate transition. The methodological approach of the project applies the concept of learning energy efficiency networks on municipalities. Five existing networks of municipalities in Italy, Greece, Portugal, the Netherlands and France are participating in the project. The scientific side is covered by Fraunhofer ISI (evaluation), e-think and TU Vienna, Energy Cities and HESPUL. IREES coordinates the project.

Tasks of IREES

  • coordination and project management

  • Training of network administrators

  • Monitoring and transfer of the results of the Learning

  • Municipality Networks (LMNs) to the outside

  • Analysis of obstacles and decision making processes within the municipalities

  • Professional support in building the knowledge platform for the transition timetables

Project Partner

  • Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI

  • Technische Universität Wien (EEG)

  • e-think

  • Energy Cities (ENC)

  • Hespul

  • UCSA – Joint Office for Environmental Sustainability

  • Sustainable City Network

  • Cominidade intermunicipal do oeste (OesteCIM)

  • Cities Northern Netherlands

  • ALTE69


Dr. Annette Roser
Head of Business Unit
Socio-Scientific Evaluation

T 0721 9152636 33

Edith Chassein
Project Manager
T 0721 9152636 35

Catrice Christ
Project Coordinator
T 0721 9152636 0