New IREES publication on innovative hydrogen technology
IREES has today published a short study evaluating the potential of high temperature electrolysis for the production of green hydrogen as an efficiency technology for application in basic industries such as steel production. The study was prepared within the framework of the BMWi-funded project “EE4InG – Energy Efficiency for Industry and Commerce”. The authors Oliver Lösch, Gregor Zesch, Prof. Eberhard Jochem (all IREES) as well as Prof. Ulrich Schmoch (Fraunhofer ISI) offer with their study a comprehensive overview of this hydrogen production technology, which has a number of advantages over competing technologies. For example, high-temperature operation offers the opportunity to significantly reduce the specific electrical energy demand by using thermal energy compared to other electrolysis technologies. This characteristic makes high-temperature electrolysis particularly interesting for the energy-intensive industry with existing waste heat potentials. The study presents the state of technological development, the key players in Germany as well as techno-economic development perspectives and political options for action. The study is now available here.