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Edith Chassein (formerly Holländer) studied Sociology at the University of Mannheim. The focus of her studies was on quantitative statistics, the sociology of education and the sociology of migration. She gained initial project experience at the chair for comparative research on political behaviour. Mrs Chassein has been with IREES since 2012 as an academic employee.

Her research focuses mainly on the identification of acceptance factors and impeding factors as well as the examination of communication processes with regard to innovative and energy-efficient products (e.g. LED lighting) and renewable energy in the field of education as well as in industry and commerce. Her responsibilities also include the formulation of policy recommendations.


  • Specialised knowledge of quantitative and qualitative methods of empirical social research 

  • Investigations into the acceptance of innovative energy-efficient products 

  • Organisational energy efficiency measures in industry and commerce 

  • Development of support programmes (e.g. for increasing energy efficiency in socially vulnerable households) 

  • Investigations into the acceptance of LED lighting in schools 

  • Conducting of training for teachers on the topic of LED lighting (function-perception-effect) 

  • Analysis of obstacles and success factors of renewable energy in an international context 


Transformation process for the municipal energy system transformation

Further development of low-energy neighbourhoods

Evaluation of the ERGU funding programme in Rhineland-Palatinate


30 Pilot-Networks

Trinational cooperation for sustainable urban development



Development of teaching materials for LED lighting