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Dr. Felipe Andrés Toro is a graduate civil engineer, and in 2003 also successfully completed an MBA in resources, energy and the environment. In the year 2014, alongside his professional commitments, he obtained a PhD at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg in cooperation with the Institute for Resource Efficiency and Energy Strategies (IREES) and Fraunhofer, on the topic ‘Alternative fuels and energy efficiency in cars’.

Since 2006 he has served as Senior Scientist at IREES GmbH, focusing on the following research areas: Energy-efficient production processes in industry; heating and cooling demand projections in industry and in the trades, commerce and services sector; and the development of future strategies and policy measures with the aid of model-based scenario analyses in Germany, Europe and Latin America (Brazil). His work also focuses on identifying existing obstacles that hinder investment in measures to increase energy efficiency in companies.


  • Non-Energy Benefits of Energy Efficiency Investments (Since 2018) 

  • Impact of Multiple Benefits for Investment decision making in companies (since 2018) 

  • Development of useful energy balances and energy planning advisory
    for Ministries and Governments in developing and transition Economies

  • Energy demand projections and long-term simulations of
    energy efficiency in developing and newly industrialised countries

  • Identification, evaluation and conception of energy efficiency and
    climate change policy measures in industry and in the trades, commerce and services sector

  • Development of strategies and policy measures 


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Product substitution and increased material efficiency in the energy-intensive primary industry

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Accompanying Climate Action Plan 2050


Climate protection through energy efficiency II

Potential and cost-benefit analyses of combined heat and power production

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