ECEEE Industrial efficiency and decarbonisation conference 2020 ­čôä
IREES present at the conference with two presentations: R&D assessment for high temperature electrolysers for emission intensive industries and Material Flow Model for circular economy potentials and measures in the EU Aluminium Industry.
The R&D paper summarise results from an analysis of solid oxide high temperature electrolysers as an innovative and energy efficient means to produce green hydrogen, e.g. for utilization in future primary steelmaking. Where applicable, e.g. for the innovation system, regional specifics for the case of Germany were assessed, as explained by Oliver L├Âsch.
A material flow model for the EU Aluminium Industry bring more light to the downstream production flows for casting, flat rolled products and extrusions in the EU and assess circular economy material related potentials and strategies especially for secondary aluminium (old and new scrap) routes. Re-melting aluminium displays a 30% circular economy potential worldwide. Challenges emerge for further collection and separation of Aluminium in high demand sectors such as construction and automobile production, as presented by Felipe Toro.

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