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Strategic reorientation with expansion of the main topics and specialisation of the methodological competence in energy system modelling


Foundation of the IREES board of trustees


IREES establishes the concept of learning energy efficiency networks in Germany with the project 30-Pilot Networks. Establishment of the Foundation for Resource Efficiency and Climate Protection (STREKS) by Eberhard Jochem in close cooperation with IREES, based on the prize money of the 1st Climate Award of Bayer AG.


Nobel Peace Prize for the 3rd report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). As author and co-leader of Working Group III of the report, Eberhard Jochem is a co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize


Reorganisation of the BSR into a limited liability company and thus the foundation of IREES as an independent research and consulting institute by Professor Dr. Ing. Eberhard Jochem and four other scientists of the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research

Launch of the major EU research project “Adaptation and Mitigation” (2006 – 2009) with a noticeable impact on climate policy considerations in the EU and in international climate impact research


Foundation of the Büro für sozialverträgliche Ressourcennutzung GbR (BSR) as a spin-off of Fraunhofer ISI by Dr.-Ing. Eberhard Böhm, head of the department Energy and Environment, and Dr.-Ing. Eberhard Jochem, deputy director of Fraunhofer ISI

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