Who is IREES? 

The IREES – Institute for Resource Efficiency and Energy Strategies works in the field of sustainable use of energy and resources with a focus on new technologies and services for companies, energy-intensive production processes and in the building sector. We carry out our projects in interdisciplinary teams with expertise in energy technology, economics and social sciences. In particularwe 

  • analyse market barriers and how they can be overcome by policy measures, 

  • evaluate technical solutions and provide sectoral energy scenarios,  

  • develop energy and climate protection strategies for districts, companies, cities and countries  

We achieve our results by modelling complex energy systems, engineering and economic analyses and empirical social and innovation research. 

Over 10 years of experience

Over 120 successfully completed projects

Over 150 scientific publications

16 scientific experts

Active worldwide in more than 15 countries


We are convinced,

  • that people and companies can be enthusiastic about climate protection and energy efficiency measures and that they will take this more into account in their daily decisions in the future
  • and that a sustainable use of energy and resources can be achieved on a global level


As a renowned institute for applied research and consulting, IREES makes a significant contribution to sustainable and climate-friendly economic activity by

  • Providing concepts and solutions for the sustainable use of resources
  • Performing analyses and evaluations of energy and efficiency technologies
  • Modelling energy systems on different levels of aggregation
  • Empowering actors for transformation towards climate-friendly development and initiating participation processes
  • Strengthening the competitiveness of enterprises
  • Identifying obstacles and success factors for a faster diffusion of technical, organisational and structural measures
  • Providing fact-based advice to political decision-makers at national, municipal and international level as well as to trade associations and companies


  • We attach great importance to an appreciative and cooperative working atmosphere
  • We encourage the commitment and creativity of the individual
  • Our working methods are characterized by a scientific, interdisciplinary and objective approach
  • We are aware that this is the prerequisite for successful cooperation with our partners and clients, for the achievement of our goals and the high quality of our work results


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