Energy Management and Energy System Models  

The business unit Energy Management and Energy System Models focuses on the development of energy efficiency and decarbonization strategies for industrial companies, energy suppliers and cities. The emphasis is on sustainable investments in efficiency measures, energy supply facilities and energy infrastructures, considering changing regulatory and economic conditions.


  • Supporting companies in implementing profitable energy efficiency and climate protection measures 

  • Developing specific energy system models and assessment tools for evaluation decision support 

  • Contributing to the energy transition of the industry sector by initiating exchange platforms and networks between companies, energy market players and municipal decision-makers and by transferring scientific research and new methods into practice 


Heating maps for Germany


Sustainable Heating China

EE1-H2020 Energy Efficiency First

Energy Efficiency networks Algeria

Technical Assistance for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Support for the Municipalities and Universities

Scale-up of Renewable Energy for power generation in the Western Balkan countries

Heat transition in the industry

Scenario worlds for infrastructures in the context of energy system transformation


Evaluation of mandatory energy audits

Trinationale cooperation for sustainable urban development


Development of teaching materials for LED lighting

LEEN 100 plus

Evaluation of energy consulting for SMEs

Diffusion EE



Dr. Jan Steinbach
Dr. Jan SteinbachHead of business unit
Eftim Popovski
Eftim Popovski
Vanessa Schindler
Vanessa Schindler