Who is IREES? 

The IREES – Institute for Resource Efficiency and Energy Strategies works in the field of sustainable use of energy and resources with a focus on new technologies and services for companies, energy-intensive production processes and in the building sector. We carry out our projects in interdisciplinary teams with expertise in energy technology, economics and social sciences. In particularwe 

  • analyse market barriers and how they can be overcome by policy measures, 

  • evaluate technical solutions and provide sectoral energy scenarios,  

  • develop energy and climate protection strategies for districts, companies, cities and countries  

We achieve our results by modelling complex energy systems, engineering and economic analyses and empirical social and innovation research. 


Social Scientific

Energy Management and Energy System Models  

Energy Policy and Technologies 


Energy efficiency and energy supply in the industry

Learning energy efficiency networks

Energy- and climate protection policy

Scenario analysis for the building sector

Decarbonization of heat supply infrastructures

Transformation concepts for cities and districts

Modeling of complex energy systems

Actor analysis and decision-making behavior

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