What has happened on the road to climate neutrality in Germany in 2022? What energy and climate policy changes have there been, what impact have the high energy prices had, and how do you actually build a climate-neutral gingerbread house? That’s what we discuss in the Energy Turnaround Year in Review. The work of IREES – Institute for Resource Efficiency and Energy Strategies covers topics that concern most of the population in times of the energy transition and rising energy prices.
Building a gingerbread house together, our managing director Dr. Jan Steinbach and our business unit manager Catrice Christ take the opportunity to discuss the current developments in the building and industry sector in a cozy atmosphere. In this spirit, IREES wishes all viewers a good start into the new year!

The whole video can be seen on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyeOdJma4hM