We are very happy to share the newest publication by our co-worker Eftim Popovski! He wrote the paper in the context of his cumulative dissertation together with Mario Ragwitz and Heike Brugger.

The paper adresses the “Decarbonization of district heating and deep retrofits of buildings as competing or synergetic strategies for the implementation of the efficiency first principle” and discusses the compatibility of district heating networks with profound redevelopment of buildings within different european climate conditions and city types. The study analyses five cities with different district heating market shares, different climate zones, population density and transferability potential.

The results show that even in scenarios with a high redevelopment rate of 3% a high percentage of the built-up area is suitable for a heat supply. This varies depending on the city typology between 23% up to 68% for the year 2050.

An exciting and relevant topic which is worth a deeper look -> https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2666955223000035?via%3Dihub


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