Top topic of the 4th KNN network meeting: heating

For the fourth network meeting of the climate neutrality network of the Karlsruhe Technology Region (KNN), the participants from the 12 companies met in the new BBBank Wildpark. In the west stand of the new KSC stadium, the KNN companies discussed solutions for decarbonizing their heat supply. What decarbonization solutions are generally available? How can fossil energy sources be replaced by renewable energy sources in the respective companies? And where are the obstacles? We also looked at which measures have already been implemented over the last year and what the first step towards implementing further measures that have not yet been planned could look like.

⚽ Many thanks to the host KSC for the exciting insights and the extraordinary setting as well as to all other participating companies for the committed exchange.

The KNN supports 12 companies from the region on their way to climate neutrality.


climate neutrality network meeting at the KSC