IREES in Turkey – Merhaba from Istanbul!

Prof. Eberhard Jochem held a presentation on resource and energy efficiency at this year’s “Energy Sustainability, Security, Efficiency and Accessibility in a Time of Transition” conference of the International Association of Energy Economics. His presentation entitled “Energy demand and energy efficiency the latter a forgotten priority?” dealt with the drivers of global energy demand and the essential role of energy efficiency. It was the only presentation on the topic of energy demand of around 30 other presentations in a total of eight plenary sessions.

Various presentations with projections on emerging countries with higher future infrastructure, industrialization and energy needs, plans to use more coal for increasing global electricity production, a 30% increase in global primary energy demand by 2050, and the emerging shadow economy for the production and transport of fossil fuels were thought-provoking.

IREES also appeared with an explanation of the results of the invert model by Lukas Kranzl (University of Vienna).