Smart Metering MVV

Technology and potential of smart metering, measuring and communication systems for saving energy and improving efficiency


The federal government’s energy and environmental package promotes innovative technologies in the liberalised energy metering sector: from January 2010, smart meters will be mandatory in certain cases. To prepare for the new metering technology, MVV Energie launched a pilot in late 2009. Besides market and technology analyses, the aim was to analyse customer behaviour. In AP 5 ‘Design and implementation of accompanying research’.

Project goals and results

The aim was to investigate the sociological aspects of the acceptance of smart metering equipment and customer usage behaviour with reference to energy efficiency and energy saving.

Tasks of IREES

  • In the context of its sociological accompanying research, the IREES study incorporated the following aspects:

    Development and definition of measured quantities and processes and development of sociological accompanying research methods (variables, survey design, evaluation methods),

  • Execution of accompanying research with the surveys provided for the specific target groups,

  • Evaluation of the survey results in respect of energy efficiency and changed behaviour patterns of groups with specific characteristics,

  • Participation in drafting the conclusions and recommendations.

Project partner

  • Fraunhofer ISE