Support instruments for renewable energies in Luxembourg

Scientific advice to Luxembourg on the design of support instruments for renewable energies in the electricity sector


Luxembourg Ministry of Economy

Duration June 2018 – February 2019

Project goals and results

The aim of the project was to revise the current support instruments for the two renewable energy technologies hydropower and photovoltaic as well as the bonus for direct marketing in Luxembourg. The focus here was on adapting feed-in tariffs for renewable power generation technologies to the current market development in Luxembourg.

Tasks of IREES

  • IREES cooperated in this project with Fraunhofer ISI. IREES was responsible for evaluation of the funding of existing run-of-river power plants in Luxembourg with an installed capacity between 6 MW and 10 MW. Fraunhofer ISI elaborated proposals and assessments relating to the adjustment of the bonus for direct marketing and the promotion of photovoltaic installations.

Project partner

  • Fraunhofer ISI


Dr. Jan Steinbach
Dr. Jan Steinbach