Battery storage


MVV Energie AG

Duration July 2016 – September 2016


Based on a 2015 population survey on battery storage among homeowners and tenants, in-depth analyses were carried out to identify decision parameters of different customer segments for the products “battery storage” and “PV system with battery storage”.

The study was based on the following key questions:

  • Which acceptance and willingness to pay exists in different customer groups for the product “battery storage” and “PV system with battery storage”?
  • Which parameters – also of a non-pecuniary nature – play a role in the decision-making process and which have a positive effect on acceptance and willingness to pay?
  • What are the characteristics of the different customer groups and what share do they have in the total of all possible customers?
  • How is the market ramp-up of PV systems with battery storage developing?

The area of investigation for the projections is Germany. The development up to the year 2030 was considered.