Energy efficiency in industrial building stock


TU Darmstadt

Duration May 2021 – December 2021


The energy transition can only succeed if ambitious energy efficiency measures are implemented in all sectors. For this reason, the project is developing technical and methodological solutions that can be used to tap energy efficiency potential in existing industrial buildings.

Goals and results

In the workpackage on energy efficient production environment, a technology and method kit for increasing energy efficiency for industrial companies is being developed. The objective is to develop energy efficiency measures for the building envelope of industrial buildings that are integral to the respective production environments and machines. For this purpose, a typification and systematisation of efficiency potentials of existing industrial buildings will be carried out and modularised implementation concepts for the use of free areas within existing buildings will be developed with regard to process-supporting networking. In the final step, these modularised concepts will be implemented in existing facilities through demonstration projects.

Tasks of IREES

  • Parametrisation of the measures

  • Impact assessment of individual measures

Project Partner

  • GFP

  • Goldbeck

  • PTW

  • ETA Solutions


Eftim Popovski
Eftim Popovski