Vanessa Schindler at the FfE Energy Days

Since 2019, the Research Centre for Energy Economics (FfE) has been awarding the Helmut Schäfer Prize for Master’s theses that make a particularly significant contribution to an innovative and sustainable energy system: “this prize recognises innovative approaches to solutions, scientific depth and benefits for practice.” (source)

Our colleague Vanessa Schindler was invited to the final in Munich, where she was able to present her work at the FfE symposium Energietage 2023 and received prize money of €100.

In her Master’s thesis, she analysed how to assess the environmental impact of future technologies in order to make an informed decision on the success of the energy transition. In addition, she worked out what the main factors of influence of energy technology installations on the environment are and how these factors will change in the future. In her thesis, which was written in cooperation between FfE and TU Darmstadt under the supervision of Prof. Schebek from the Department of Material Flow Management and Resource Economics, she also prepared and evaluated a life cycle assessment for an innovative battery grid storage system, taking future factors into account.
We are very pleased about our colleague’s participation and congratulate her warmly on her nomination!

Further information on the award ceremony can be found here.


Vanessa Schindler bei den Energietagen 2023 in München