Bundesförderprogramm effiziente Wärmenetze BEW

The BEW federal funding programme for efficient heating networks supports the decarbonisation of heating networks. On the one hand, the conversion of technologies in existing grids to decarbonised technologies, and on the other hand, the construction of new climate-friendly grids is also promoted. The funding programme is subdivided into four modules, which build on each other chronologically:

Module 1: funding of transformation plans for the transformation of existing heating grids or feasibility studies for the new construction of heating grids.

Module 2: investment funding for the new construction or transformation of a heating network

Module 3: the promotion of individual measures on a heating network

Module 4: operating cost subsidies for solar thermal systems and heat pumps

For both transformation plans and feasibility studies (Module 1), funding is limited to a maximum funding amount of 2 million euros per application. For modules 2 and 3, the funding ceiling is 100 million euros per application. According to the Federal Gazette, “on the basis of the available budget funds, the installation of an average of up to 681 MW of renewable heat generation capacity per year is to be promoted by 2030, thus triggering investments of an average of around 1,174 million euros per year. This should reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions by about 4 million tonnes of CO2 per year in 2030.”

Source: https://www.bundesanzeiger.de/pub/publication/LqynJ78mbcSrTH7lL83?0

At IREES, we are actively involved in municipal heat planning, in terms of both inventory and potential analysis and implementation plan. We are currently implementing heat planning projects in various cities. For more information, please visit https://irees.de/kommunale-waermeplanung/