Digital cross-industry service and training network “fokus.energie” for tomorrow’s skilled workers


Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Laufzeit April 2018 – May 2022


In construction practice, more and more complex, interdisciplinary tasks and questions arise in connection with the topics of “energy-efficient planning, building and living”. For example, “SmartHome” and “SmartGrid” will link the sectors of local energy use and energy generation more closely together in the future. Decentralized power generation places higher demands on installation technology and requires coupling with storage systems, e.g. stationary battery systems or electric cars. Professional planning and execution through the recognition and application of exact and individually adapted solutions requires system thinking. Energy data management systems and the digital networking of processes and companies are changing installation processes and also place fundamentally important demands on the supply and data security of the systems. These developments require a high level of knowledge of all actors involved in planning and implementation.


The project “Digital cross-industry service and training network “fokus.energie” for tomorrow’s skilled workers” aims to develop low-threshold digital further training offers specifically on the interface topics for construction practitioners and trainees. The target group of the project are skilled workers in craft enterprises, who want to expand their competences to interface topics around the energetic building renovation and media-supported forms of learning. Apprentices are also involved in the technical schools as a further target group in order to raise awareness of the topic among the younger generation at an early stage and to give them access to new forms of learning (e-learning).

Within the framework of the project, relevant learning content will be didactically prepared and digital educational offers will be developed. In the Technology Region Karlsruhe, which serves as a pilot region, the existing fokus.energie network is establishing a cross-sector transfer point for all trades involved in energy-efficient construction and energy-related building refurbishment as a platform for digital further training and digital transformation.

Tasks of IREES

  • Preparation of scientific findings on the subject Accompanying evaluation of the development processes through participatory observation, short questionnaires, online surveys and expert interviews

Cooperation Partners

  • Netzwerkfokus.energie e. V. (lead)

  • itb- Institut für Technik der Betriebsführung im Deutschen Handwerksinstitut e. V.

  • KarlsruherInstitut für Technologie KIT – Zentrum für Mediales Lernen (ZML)

  • FSMedien Internet- und Service Provider für das Handwerk

Associated Project Partners

  • EIFER European Institute for Energy Research, Karlsruhe

  • Evohaus IRQ GmbH, Karlsruhe

  • Fachverband Elektro- und Informationstechnik Baden-Württemberg

  • Fachverband Sanitär, Heizung, Klima Baden-Württemberg

  • Fa. Rudolf Schneider, Karlsruhe

  • Fa. Schmerler Elektrotechnik, Karlsruhe

  • KEK Karlsruher Energie- und Klimaschutzagentur gGmbH

  • Heinrich-Hertz-Schule Karlsruhe, Berufsschule und Fachschule für Technik

  • Heinrich-Meidinger-Schule Karlsruhe, Bundesfachschule für Sanitär- und Heizungstechnik, Karlsruhe

  • TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe GmbH i.G.

  • Vollack Management + Beteiligungen GmbH & Co. KG, Karlsruhe


Catrice Christ
Catrice Christ