Policy scenarios for climate protection

Further development of the methods and implementation of the EU-Effort Sharing Decision in the 2019 projection report


Federal Environment Agency

Duration  June 2018 – July 2020


Under the international and European climate change regime, greenhouse gas emission projections must be submitted every two years by the participants or Member States. The project consortium calculates scenarios for the development of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions up to 2035 and the impact of different policy measures.
Central to this project are the so-called “With Measures Scenario” (MMS) and the “With Enhanced Measures Scenario” (MEMS). The MMS will be incorporated as a business-as-usual scenario into the Federal Government’s 2019 Projection Report.


Various sectoral energy system models are used to calculate the scenarios and evaluate individual packages of measures. IREES is responsible for modelling the building sector and uses the INVERT/ee-lab model, which is operated jointly with the Vienna University of Technology.

Project partner

  • Öko-Institut (Overall project management)

  • Fraunhofer ISI


Dr. Jan Steinbach
Dr. Jan Steinbach
Jana Deurer
Jana Deurer