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Jana Deurer

Jana Deurer works as a researcher and project manager at IREES. She completed her Bachelor (B.Sc.) in International Management at the University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe and the Universidad de Oviedo. She earned her Master’s degree (M.Sc.) in Life Cycle & Sustainability at Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences with a focus on life cycle analysis and assessment of energy systems. Jana Deurer works in the Business Unit Energy Technologies and Energy Policy and is involved in the modelling of energy systems and the development and evaluation of policy instruments in the building sector. In doing so, she considers the environmental impacts over the entire buildings life cycle. She also balances the energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions of companies.

Jana Deurer speaks German, English and Spanish.


  • Design and evaluation of policy instruments for the promotion of renewable energies and energy efficiency in buildings

  • Energy system modelling for the building sector
  • Life Cycle Assessment of buildings and industrial processes
  • Energy monitoring for companies

  • Carbon footprinting and development of climate neutrality strategies for companies
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