EE Pilot Network in Sao Paulo

Energy Efficiency Pilot Network in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Client: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Duration June 2020 – December 2021


The project provides for the development and implementation of a learning network for energy efficiency and management in the Sao Paulo region of Brazil. The implementation is carried out in cooperation with the program “Energy Systems of the Future Phase 2”, which is commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for International Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and carried out with the project partner Ministry of Mining and Energy MME.

Pilot networks on energy efficiency are an important tool to support the Brazilian industry, to accelerate investments in energy efficiency in industry and to increase competitiveness by reducing energy costs, to identify other possible non-energy benefits of the energy efficiency measures analyzed and to identify risk mitigation measures for the core business of local industry in Sao Paulo.

IREES will closely coordinate the technical inputs and support in this project with the MME, the selected anchor organization, the national energy experts and the responsible GIZ project in Brazil. The support of the Brazilian business associations and interest groups is very important for the acquisition of companies, concept adjustments and for the implementation success of the pilot project. After completion of the project, the results will be evaluated with regard to their effectiveness, the scale potential of the concept for other regions in Brazil and the possibilities for an expansion of the concept through the energy efficiency program PROCEL.

Project goals and results

The main objective is to provide support and advise the anchor organization in Brazil and the participating companies in developing a pilot concept and successfully implement an industrial energy efficiency and energy management network in the Sao Paulo region in Brazil.

The objectives of the pilot project are:

  • to take as a starting point the German method of energy efficiency networks and the German experience on this method,
  • to adapt the proposed method and concept to the Brazilian context, framework, and requirements,
  • to develop a concept and implement successfully an industrial energy efficiency and management network in Brazil in the Sao Paulo region and
  • to use the results and lessons learned of the pilot network in order to upscale it and exploit the energy efficiency potential in the Brazilian industrial sector.

Tasks of IREES

  • IREES supports the anchor organization (AHK Sao Paulo) and Mitsidi in the acquisition of companies, in the evaluation of the audits and in the network implementation until the end of 2021, including quality assurance.

  • Scoping of an implementation concept of the pilot network together with Mitsidi for Sao Paulo until the end of 2021.

  • Training of local capacities with regard to the network methodology (moderation, implementation). Planning and implementation of all planned meetings during the pilot network until Dec. 2021 (6 NW meetings).

  • Projection of the EEN potential for the Sao Paulo region and for Brazil as a whole as well as (political) recommendations for the further diffusion of the networks in Brazil.

Project partner

  • AHK Sao Paulo

  • Mitsidi Energy Projects (Sao Paulo)

  • Ministry of Mining and Energy MME (Brasilia)


Catrice Christ
Catrice Christ