EW-K2 Communities Innovative

Client: Federal Ministry of Education and Research

July 2021 – Juni 2024


Against the background of the transformation of the energy system through sector coupling, heat and other energy supply are to be explicitly considered in an integrated manner. With a view to a required municipal energy and heat concept, it will be examined in particular how the planning of such a concept can be designed and how the implementation of the concept as well as its financing can succeed. In order to be able to test approaches in practice, the project EW-K2 has excellent practical partners for the selected questions in the Fontane City of Neuruppin and the local municipal utilities. Since the Fontane City has already been working on the design of a climate-neutral municipal energy and heat supply for some time, it has a pioneering role to play. On the one hand, Neuruppin can share valuable experience gained from the steps already taken. On the other hand, Neuruppin is already asking pioneering questions that will also arise in a similar form in many other municipalities in the future.

Project goals

The fundamental goal is to use the project findings in EW-K2 to promote a more stringent and faster achievement of goals in the area of climate-neutral heat supply for buildings. In the sense of the funding program “Kommunen Innovativ” (Innovative Municipalities), the knowledge gained in the project is to be introduced in different places. On the one hand, the municipality of Neuruppin will benefit from the fact that solutions to current local issues will be developed jointly in the project. Building on the experience of problems and approaches to solutions gathered in this way, this experience is to be processed and made available to other municipalities as far as possible. Since many of the questions from Neuruppin will also arise in this or a similar form in other municipalities, the municipalities will receive assistance in answering them in this way. Finally, the difficulties identified in the project that arise from a municipal perspective in the planning, implementation and financing of an energy and heating concept under the current legal regulations are to be analyzed. This will be used to develop proposals on how federal (or even state) laws could be adapted to better support municipalities in this regard.

Tasks of IREES

  • Scenario study for the evaluation of the heat grid expansion.

  • Potentialen und Wirtschaftlichkeit lokaler EE-Wärme mit dem Fokus auf die bestehende und neue Geothermie anlagen

Project Partner

  • IVM

  • FSN

  • SWN

  • IEG

  • IKEM


Dr. Jan Steinbach
Dr. Jan Steinbach
Eftim Popovski
Eftim Popovski