5th Energy Efficiency Network Meeting in Tunisia

This week, the companies of the first Tunisian Energy Efficiency Network met for the 5th and last time for this year. An exciting year is behind us, as the network participants had the opportunity to get to know each other, visit the respective production sites, exchange experiences and receive input from experts on technical topics. The topic of energy efficiency and decarbonisation is also becoming increasingly relevant for Tunisian companies, as energy prices are rising and state subsidies are to be gradually reduced. Tunisia’s energy policy aims to significantly increase the share of renewable energies in electricity generation – by 2030, 30% of Tunisia’s electricity generation is to come from renewable energies. We are excited about further developments in the network and look forward to the next meeting in February. Thanks to GIZ Tunisie and the network participants for the successful network meeting!

More information about the project: https://irees.de/2021/11/05/energieeffizienz-netzwerk-tunesien/