GEFION – Dynamic emissions certificates for climateneutral buildings

Client WoodenValley gGmbH

Duration September 2023 – June 2025


In this research project, an improved, computer-implemented method for the dynamic calculation of the life cycle assessment of buildings is being developed. The starting point is the development of a life-cycle-optimized BIM model (Building Information Modeling), which describes a timber system construction planned according to circular economy criteria and which contains the necessary building parameters for dynamic eco-balancing. On this basis, a digital building twin is modeled which simulates the use of the building. Parallel to these activities, IREES is also building a demonstrator, also based on the BIM model, which supplies real measurement data for verification of the dynamic balancing. The usage information then flows into a machine-supported analysis for life cycle assessment. Technologically, we use methods of artificial intelligence (AI) and semi-supervised learning approaches are to be developed and tested in particular . Through this dynamization, the CO2 positivity of a building can be made transparent and documented, also when the context of use of the building changes during the operating phase. The static eco-balance for buildings thus becomes a technical-analytically underpinned dynamic balance, which depicts the actual use of the building. Based on this life cycle assessment, emission certificates for climate-positive buildings can be generated and issued. By creating a digital interface between climate-positive buildings and emissions trading platforms, the excess CO2 equivalents of climate-positive buildings can also be used for certificate trading.

GEFION dynamische Emissionszertifikate für klimaneutrale Gebäude

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Ökobilanz Gebäude

Project goals

This innovative research project delivers an essential contribution to the attainment of the climate goals by advancing the new construction of climate positive buildings in order to transform the building industry toward a digital and climate neutral industry.

Tasks of IREES

  • Scientific advice

  • Developement of a method for a dynamic life cycle assessment of buildings

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Jana Deurer
Jana Deurer
Dr. Jan Steinbach
Dr. Jan Steinbach
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Vanessa Schindler