INKA-laboratory – User satisfaction in sustainable laboratory buildings

Client FreeUniversity Berlin

Duration January 2023 – January 2026


FUBIC ALL ELECTRICITY – REALIZATION is a demonstration project for the electricity-based heating transition in the technology district. The Free University of Berlin is working on the sub-project “Stakeholder participation, technology acceptance studies and multiplication potential”, in which IREES is active.


The results of the social science stakeholder analyzes and technology acceptance studies are prepared for project-related planning and decision-making practice in such a way that they can be used there at short notice in the future. The close involvement of the participants in the construction, potential investors and other relevant actors ensures a high level of acceptance of the participation approach and the planning and technical solutions. The INKA questionnaire developed for laboratories is intended to be incorporated into the Sustainable Building Assessment System (BNB) and thus offers high multiplication potential. The transferability of the results of the pilot project – from the stakeholder analyzes to the communication approaches to the acceptance studies – to comparable locations and the integration into common construction and planning practice is an important medium-term component of the project. The knowledge gained from the applied questions will provide impulses for other universities, districts and municipalities in the medium term. Dissemination takes place primarily through conferences and scientific contributions. In the practical exchange of neighborhoods, project-specific challenges are identified, discussed and published. The integration of the results of the research project into the interdisciplinary study area “General Study Preparation (ABV) ensures that the findings are also used scientifically and incorporated into academic teaching.

Fragebogen Zufriedenheit nachhaltige Laborgebäude

Tasks of IREES

  • Advice on the development of the questionnaire
  • Advice on evaluating the questionnaire

  • Advice on implementing the questionnaire


Dr. Karin Schakib-Ekbatan
Dr. Karin Schakib-Ekbatan