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Johannes Haller

Johannes Haller has been working as a project manager at IREES since April 2022. After completing his bachelor’s degree in regenerative energy technology, he went on to complete a master’s degree in systems engineering at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences. During his Master’s studies, he did a voluntary internship at the solar research platform of the German Aerospace Center in Almería in southern Spain. He wrote his Master’s thesis at the German Biomass Research Centre in Leipzig on the simulation of small-scale biomass combustion plants and subsequently worked for several years as a project staff member at the Institute for Regenerative Energy Technology at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences in the area of innovative circular processes and in teaching. Since 2017, he has been working on his doctorate on an efficient and emission-free combustion process for hydrogen and oxygen in stationary engines at Ilmenau University of Technology. He works in the Energy Policy Energy Technologies business area in the field of industrial and building modelling.


  • Model-based forecasts of heating and cooling demand in buildings

  • Heat planning and refurbishment strategies for cities and neighbourhoods

  • Techno-economic evaluation of energy technologies, especially hydrogen technologies

  • Analyses of energy and resource efficiency potentials

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