Assessment of the CO2 reduction potential in the building sector in the Land of Bremen


City of Bremen

Duration May 2021 – September 2021


The Enquete Commission of the Bremen Parliament “Climate Protection Strategy for the State of Bremen” has developed concrete political recommendations for action and implementation with which a reduction of CO2 emissions in the sectors is to be achieved as quickly as possible. A central field of action is the sector “Buildings and Housing”, which includes the residential buildings of private households and non-residential buildings in the tertiary sector and industry. The measures developed address both an increase in activity and a rapid diffusion of target-compliant technical and behaviour-based measures.

Goals and results

The objective of this project is to quantify the proposed measures in terms of their effects and CO2 saving potentials.

Tasks of IREES

  • Parametrisation of the measures

  • Impact assessment of individual measures


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Dr. Jan Steinbach
Dr. Jan Steinbach
Jana Deurer
Jana Deurer
Eftim Popovski
Eftim Popovski