passPart2 II – Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through low-investment measures

Client Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy

Duration April 2024 – October 2024


A refurbishment is a suitable time window to adapt the energy concept of the respective building by taking measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To this end, an intelligent room heating management system was installed in some offices in the Detmold district building.

Goals and Results

In addition to the PassPart2 project, the continuation will focus on the human-technology interface in order to gain insights into the intelligent room temperature management system (iRWM) used in some offices in the district hall. By surveying employees in these offices and a control group without iRWM about the indoor climate, previous analyses are to be supplemented by linking objective measurement data and subjective assessments.

Recommendations for investment decisions and transferability to existing office and administration buildings can be derived from the project findings.

Tasks of  IREES

  • IREES ist zuständig für die Durchführung der Online-Befragung der beiden Untersuchungsgruppen.

Project partner


Dr. Karin Schakib-Ekbatan
Dr. Karin Schakib-Ekbatan