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Lennart Bunnenberg

After completing his Bachelor’s degree in General Mechanical Engineering at the TU Darmstadt, Lennart Bunnenberg spent a semester abroad at the Universitas Indonesia in Jakarta, Indonesia. In the successfully completed interdisciplinary Master’s programme “Energy Science and Engineering”, also at TU Darmstadt, Lennart Bunnenberg focused on multimodal energy systems and their evaluation with regard to ecological and techno-economic factors.

Lennart Bunnenberg was able to gain initial insights into research through his work as an assistant scientist at the TU Darmstadt and writing his master’s thesis as part of the SALCOS project. The main focus here was on the topics of sustainability assessment and the transformation of the steel industry. Lennart Bunnenberg joined IREES in February 2022 as a Junior Scientist in the Energy Policy and Technologies Business Area.


  • Sustainable transformation of energy-intensive industries

  • Techno-economic and ecological assessment of technologie


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